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  Vision of Fragrance  
In the beginning there is an idea, the “Vision of Fragrance”. It could be the concept of the Fragrance for a whole range of cosmetics and toiletries.

A creative perfumer can see the rough outlines of a new fragrance formula in his imagination before even beginning the actual work of composing. He works with his highly developed sense of smell as the musician works with his absolute pitch. The perfumer checks on the progress of his composition by holding a smelling strip or test blotter to his nose from time to time.
The next step is the formula. Fragrance components is the technical term, are the ingredients of a perfume oil. The finished product usually consists of 30 to 50 such components. But there are also compositions which contain several hundred.

When the perfumer has completed his first trial formula, the ingredients are weighed and mixed in the laboratory preciously according to his hand written instruction.
Each day the perfumer returns to his composition, smelling and adjusting the formula to meet the standard requirement. Is the composition harmonious, radiantly diffusive, how can it be improved? When the composition is more advanced, we enter a stage of alternating with formula adjustments.
Next the perfumer must determine whether his composition is compatible with the end product. Whether the composition for a perfume, a cosmetic range, a soap, dish washing and detergents, its behavior in all the media for which its demand must be checked. How does the Fragrance suit the product? Is it suitable? And above all can the perfume be produced  at  the  price the  customer  wishes to pay?
  The perfumer must take all these questions in to consideration. A perfumer must be eternally cost conscious.  
Once the finished composition has passed all test and approved, bulk production is organized in the compounding rooms where ingredients are weighed and mixed by Kg. or Ton instead of Grams as in the lab. The ingredients are drawn from the huge tanks and kept it in the drums for dispatch.